OT-JM SHIFANG ELECTRONIC LIGHTING CO., LTD. & JIANGMEN FIBIT PHOTOELECTRIC CO,LTD ,established in 2007,0ur factory isocated at Lighting industry base-Hetang Town Pengjiang District Jiangmen City,Guangdong Province,China.We have our own Factory buildingwhich the existing factory area has 13,000 square meters,domestic employees more than 300 Peoples.
We are a professional research and development, production and sales more than 20years,our factory is specializing in lndoor(AC/DC LEDbulb,LED Recharoeable lamo.lED Celing lamp,ED wa Lamo.lED panel icht LED Downlight LED Tube & LED fxture) OutdoorLED FloooLight ,LED Street light & Solar Light )Lighting products.We also provide OEM & ODM services.
At the same time ,we are always on the consumer’s side to consider their situation and profit, continuous innovation and manufacture highquality lighting products to both domestic and international customers.
Our products Sell well to more than 50pcs Countries. Exported to Europe,South America ,Middle East,West/South/East Africa,Southeast Asiaand so on.We also established operators in these areas
Our Factory’s concept of operation is :lntegrity earns market,lnnovation earns future
Integrity:to be good man before you do something,and considerable for the others.Our factory requires every staf to be sincere and treat verycustomer,partner and co-worker truthfully.
Innovation:0ur knowledge ,ideas and methods must go beyond the world.ur thought must stay proactive to pursue,to innovate and to develop,
We cordialy hope the world’s green energy-saving lighting and indoor & outdoor air adjustment industries are going to be more successful undeour strength and management.